Only A Revolution Stops Hemochromatosis Body Count! Will You Help?

Time to get off the sidelines.   Time to put resources into this battle!


We don’t need millions spent on HH research. We already know the how, what and whys of this disorder.

We don’t need millions spent on finding a wonder drug. We have a safe, effective drug free treatment right now.

We don’t need thoughts and wishes. Only loud, sustained voices and specific actions will bring about awareness and positive change.

We don’t need bad research continuing to set current policies. HH is NOT rare. It’s the most common deadly genetic disease in the world, 1 in 3 with HH will get sick.


We need a movement that understands the forces we are up against and sounds the alarm and pushes solutions.

It’s time to get loud and mad and raise all manner of educated hell until everyone knows what HH (iron overload) is,  why  it’s so dangerous, but easy to diagnose, treat if caught in time and why it matters to everyone.


Why you should care:

HH awareness  = Cancer Prevention

HH = Heart Attack Prevention

HH= Alzheimer Prevention

HH = Cirrhosis Prevention

HH= Diabetes Prevention

HH= Arthritis Prevention

20 percent of two dozen cancers, chronic and deadly illness could be prevented at their source which is HH!

Silence = Death,

Asking Politely = Death,

Waiting And Hoping = Death


HH needs a champion, desperately – a group who will call it like it is:

March into battle.

Raise Awareness

Exact Specific Changes

Offer facts, best medical practices.

Fight those profiting by marginalizing this disorder.

Not take NO for an answer! is that group.

A not for profit action network based in the USA but working for worldwide awareness of HH and raising funds to spend directly on 3 action projects:

  1. Screening/testing for HH through simple blood and iron panels. Demand this become routine/standard worldwide using this petition  and reaching out to media, medical groups, insurance companies AMA, CDC etc. to demand change now!
  2. Publicize disorder/increase overall awareness using series of PSA’s on radio, Network TV, Cable and Social Media. Create an Ice Bucket Type Challenge Campaign size momentum.
  3. Educate Medical Community worldwide to scope, penetration of disorder and best medical practices including the end to throwing away denotable HH blood.

* Sign here:  petition

Here’s our PSA for network, cable, radio, social media.  When we raise $100,000, media entity partners will donate an additional $400,000 worth of ad time. Help us fund PSA distribution. Donate here:

Thank You for taking a stand with us!

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