New CBS Series “Limitless” Features Iron Overload Disorder In First Episode

Hemochromatosis/Iron Disorder Makes Its Network Television Debut!


The new television series, “Limitless”, features hemochromatosis in its pilot  episode, airing on CBS, Tuesday night @ 10 pm, September 22, 2015.

Through my script writer friend contacts, I was directed to where I could get my hands on an electronic copy of the script.

Limitless Script

Bradley Cooper is one of the executive directors and will make an appearance in the pilot, and the rumor is he will have a recurring role to try and help the show get ratings.

Unknown-1At any rate the plot is about the main character taking a drug that allows him limitless abilities for a period of time while he’s on it… in the first five minutes of the show he plays guitar and chess and basically a montage of him doing brilliant things he couldn’t do… then he diagnosis’s what his father has been suffering from – He says the following – this is straight out of the script:


BRIAN: My brother’s medical school textbooks were still at my parents’ place. Nobody else could figure out what was wrong with my father. Why can’t I? Suddenly, I knew exactly what I was looking for.


Shows a picture of my grandparents on their honeymoon.
Her eyes, they’re the same as Dad’s.
It runs in the family.

BRIAN: Phones father:
Good morning.
I think you’ve got something called, um hemochromatosis.
It’s caused by a trait that runs in our family.
Uh, Grandma Helen had it, your cousin Scott.
You’ve got it the worst out of anybody though and, um it’s ’cause your body can’t process iron.

DAD: All right, stop! Just stop.You spend one night on the floor and suddenly you’re a doctor, Brian?

BRIAN: Dad, listen to me for a second, okay? Now, the inherited version of hemochromatosis is-is one of the most misdiagnosed diseases that there is.
Doctors mistake it for dozens of other things.

DAD: And if they can’t find it, how could you? It’s a long story.
But there is a test that they can run called a, uh, transferrin saturation test.
And, um I-I think you guys should take that.

(cell phone rings) FEMALE ELECTRONIC VOICE: You have one new message.
MOM: Brian, uh, I don’t know how you knew, but you were right.
Your father has hemochromatosis.
But with your dad, the doctor said it’s concentrated in his liver.
And they say he needs a transplant.
But they say they’re not sure he’ll get an organ in time.
Call me.”


So basically they seem to have the info correct and it’s great to see that iron disorder  is finally making an appearance on network TV.  We’re going to use this to call attention to the disorder through And to let folks know that this was not some fictional disorder made up for  a TV drama but a real thing that many of them probably have or are carriers of.  I’m also going to contact the producers of the show and interview them about how they decided to use it as a plot point.

Share this post so folks  will know that Limitless got the facts right and that  hemochromatosis is missed by every doctor in America once every 10 days! Today it takes almost 10 years for the average diagnosis  and it is destroying lives  the whole time. A simple blood test  is all they need  – that is accurate from the script what is not said is that we can and should put that test BACK on the standard panel when anyone gets their blood drawn for examination. The American Medical Association’s own studies state that it would raise diagnosis rate by 20 fold. This is one of ‘s action projects.

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7 thoughts on “New CBS Series “Limitless” Features Iron Overload Disorder In First Episode

  1. My doctor checked my ferritin levels but never bothered telling me they were high. I didn’t find out I had Hemochromatosis until years later when another doctor actually looked at the results of the tests he’d ordered. I always insist on getting copies of my test results now.

  2. Congratulations – nice to see that our ambitions for bringing HF into public conversation / awareness has paid off.

    Did you know that on our “Iron Filings” (publication), we had a story about how some top athletes carry one of the HHF mutations. Its a far cry from the past, when even insurance companies wanted to discriminate against them in regards to health coverage.

    I like to see this subject matter covered by the media, in an effort to educate and enlighten. This is important. I’ll look forward to watching this show – hope it stays true to the subject of hemochromatosis.

    Warm regards

    Juliana Pavelka-Johnston ”

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I notified 8 family members, as my son was finally diagnosed @ age 40. We are still absorbing the ins + outs of hereditary genes.

  4. I was diagnosed with HCC about 8 years ago. About 2 months later the TV series “House” featured HCC as well.
    I appreciate the HCC is being featured on Limitless, let’s spread the word!

  5. Unfortunately CBS is only available by subscriptiion. We are with Shaw. Are there other alternatives for free viewing of this important topic?

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