Making It Personal/Sharing It Global – Your Iron Overload Stories/Video Clips!

Here’s your chance to give a wake up call to the world!

images-1Help drag this deadly, treatable, rarely diagnosed in time genetic disorder, into the light. Let’s turn our stories into viral video megaphones and noncommercial  social media PSA’s for awareness and change!

Make a video clip about your journey, about family members, friends, co-workers. Make it a battle cry for people in your life who have died and/or suffered years of chronic illnesses from hemochromatosis. Give them a voice by using yours to tell their story. Make it a tribute, make it a legacy, make it a story of hope. Don’t keep these stories inside your heads and buried, telling them through this campaign will save lives!

Video clip guidelines:

  1. Title it “Hemochromatosis Wake Up Call – The 1.7 million Faces Of Iron Overload”
  2. Make it simple, shoot it with smart phone, iPad etc. check out examples at
  3.  Tell us who you are, family is/was hobbies, passions, where you live, career,  then talk bout the disorder. Your journey – how you were diagnosed, symptoms, damage, how old you were and how long it took to be diagnosed, treatment,  how you are doing today. Any family with a diagnosis.
  4. upload it to
  5. Send us a write up with images and photos of you, family etc. email to

Here’s a great example of a submission we helped edit, expand and feature:

If you simply want to write up your story with photos, we, at, can turn it into a  video clip. Just send whatever you have and we’ll edit, expand and work with you to feature it in the campaign.



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