Hemochromatosis – Like A Deadly Gas Leak In The Body – Here’s How To Stop It!

In the film Joy, when De Niro describes his ex-wife as a gas leak, “You can’t smell it, or see it, but it’s silently killing us all!”  he might as well been describing hereditary hemochromatosis –  the world’s most common deadly gen3797212etic disease that poisons the organs and tissues with dangerous amounts of iron, setting off a dozen deadly illnesses; including cancer, heart failure, cirrhosis, diabetes and Alzheimers.  How can a disease that is being carried by 1 in 9 people in the USA alone go so under and misdiagnosed? Because the simple blood tests for diagnosis are not standard. Doctors miss it completely, treat end illnesses and misdiagnose the 1 in 4 who get any early warning symptoms.

But we can change this. We can save lives, lots of them. Only if we understand that the cavalry is not coming. We are it! The only hope is action on our parts to save ourselves and the ones we love. Through activism, action projects, awareness and nationwide routine standard screening.

A long healthy life is the prognosis when detected and treated early.

The medical community has been slow to react, even with the facts in hand for decades. People suffer and go to the grave without even knowing that this killed them. You and/or loved ones right this moment are walking time bombs. We can help!


What can you do right now?

  • Sign our petition to put blood tests back on the routine panel. We have just moved past 1,000 signature. We need 10,000 plus for a shot in front of congress
  • Share this post. Be bold, loud and spread the word.
  • Support our action projects with a donation at www.ironitout.org/support 
  • Check out other ways to help at www.ironitout.orgimages-7




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