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This world can make you feel helpless and hopeless. But here’s something you can do we stand up to and stop a killer called iron overload and save lives!


Affects 1 in 9, but 8 out of 10 have never heard of it. That ends now!

Sign our petition to put simple blood tests back on routine medical screenings. Once we have enough signatures we take our fight to congress, national media, networks. Take a few seconds to save a life.

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15 million carriers, 3 million suffers in USA alone… forgotten, treated too late.

Real people telling you how it is without screening….

“I almost died because my Hemochromatosis was so far along by the time I realized something wasn’t right. The late diagnosis also left me with permanent health issues. Hemochromatosis affects my life every day. It would have been caught sooner with a blood screen.”  – Thomas Mackert, Derby, NY

“I was just diagnosed with HH after suffering for 10 years, and watching doctors shrug their shoulders and thinking I’m crazy.” -Adam Juelich, Green Bay, WI

“I found out I had hemochromatosis by accident, through a genetic test. Had I not been so lucky, I might have never found out until it was too late. Let’s start screening people for iron overload so no one else has to suffer needlessly.”  – Kellie Green, NILES, IL

“I have it, my son is a carrier, my daughter has HH as well as my brother. Simple, SIMPLE blood test is all that’s needed. There are so many that could be saved from devastating health problems if diagnosed early enough. Please sign!” – Carol Far, Lake Ozark, MO

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