Advocacy Project #1

Establish blood donation programs through the Red Cross, Blood Banks and Hospital Systems

Now that the FDA lifted the procedural restrictions on HH blood,( there’s nothing medically different about HH blood) you can get involved in putting pressure on blood banks,  the Red Cross and hospitals to take our blood. We need every branch of these organizations to accepting HH blood donation for transfusion starting now. There’s no excuse  and no cumbersome programs to put in place. Help us  by emailing, calling and asking in person when your hospital, blood bank  and Red Cross will accept HH blood.



Update: currently, we are gathering email addresses for every person connected to hospital programs, Red Cross and private blood banks. When that list is complete we will begin sending it out twice a week requesting that  a program be put into place and asking for timelines and plans. We plan to wear them down by overwhelming  them with requests. We will be asking for community support to help with this tsunami of emails/pressure to motivate change within these institutions. Stay tuned. And understand that this  action project is being funded with your donations.images-6

Please give what you can to fund the leg work and cost  it takes to keep the pressure on.

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