The Tragic Connections Between Diabetes, Arthritis and Iron Overload


Approximately 45% of patients diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) will have some form of diabetes. And 30% of individuals with HH suffer some form of arthritis.


Let that soak in.

These illnesses are red flags  – HH could be the source!

If you suffer from arthritis you may also have hereditary hemochromatosis. If you have arthritis, particularly in the knuckle and first joint of the first and second fingers, and any of the symptoms listed below, you should discuss your symptoms with your physician and advocate for simple blood tests to detect elevated iron, saturation and a genetic test for HH.

If you suffer from diabetes and any symptoms listed below, the underlying factor/trigger could be HH. Advocate for simple tests to rule  it in or out.

Suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  • ❑  chronic fatigue
  • ❑  abdominal pain and bloating
  • ❑  loss of body hair
  • ❑  loss of libido and/or erectile dysfunction in men
  • ❑  loss of libido and irregular periods and/or early menopause in women
  • ❑  pigmentation of the skin resembling a bronzed sun tan or slate grey colour
  • ❑  personality changes, mood swings; anger and depression
  • ❑  thyroid problems, sudden weight loss
  • ❑  elevated liver enzymes, cirrhosis, liver disease
  • ❑  Diabetes (type 2), insulin resistant diabetes
  • ❑  arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat), cardiomyopathy (sluggish heart muscle)
  • ❑ headaches
  • ❑ High Blood Pressure


Because only 1 in 4 people with HH get significant early warning symptoms, and because many early symptoms of HH  are vague, mimic middle-age/other illnesses, a comprehensive frontline testing program is desperately needed – the American Medical Association’s study concluded putting iron panel tests back on standard blood panels would increase early diagnosis of HH 20 fold:

EX: 20,000 = 400,000 people getting early, life-saving treatment.images-2

Don’t let the medical system play catch up and individual doctors play guessing games with your life when a series of simple, inexpensive tests can rule in or out a treatable disorder – avoiding chronic illness, pharmaceutical interventions and premature death if caught in time.


You can help change the status quo:

  1. Sign our petition to make iron testing standard and comprehensive:  Read/sign petition here
  2. Share our awareness video:
  3. Donate any amount to our four action projects: Donate:


Affordable, Accurate Iron Panel Testing Ordered Online/Phone


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There are 3 tests that together make up the Iron Panel Test. These tests look at serum ferritin, Total iron binding capacity, and serum iron. These tests need to be taken as a panel, not independently, to receive a comprehensive and accurate assessment of a potential Hemochromatosis diagnosis.


This test is best conducted after fasting for at least three hours. Also, iron or vitamin C supplements should be discontinued at least three days before taking the test. Do not discontinue other medication unless your doctor tells you to.


This test measures the amount of iron contained or stored in the body. Serum ferritin reference ranges are different for adults and children. For adults, the ideal range is 50-150 ng/ml.


This test tells how well your body can bind to iron. Serum iron divided by TIBC x 100% gives you important information about the transferrin-iron saturation percentage (TS%). TS% is usually 25-35%; in some people with iron overload, the TS% is very high. There are other types of iron overload where the TS% is normal.


In the past, liver biopsy was widely used to diagnose hemochromatosis. Today, liver biopsy is not necessary to diagnose the inherited form of HHC. DNA tests are available to determine if a person has genetic hemochromatosis.


“The Iron Panel test saved my life. I was one of the lucky patients that was able to stop the train before the train wreck. Today, I watch my diet and give blood every two months. ”

— Sam S.


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Great Article About How Often Iron Overload Is Overlooked Within A Family

‘I unknowingly began poisoning my husband’

on Tuesday, 03 May 2016. Posted in Healthwatch Wigan, Health News, Headlines


‘I unknowingly began poisoning my husband’

Fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, cirrhosis, bronzing of the skin, abdominal pain and cardiomyopathy.

These can all be caused by undiagnosed, untreated iron overload or genetic haemochromatosis (GH). Iron builds up over time damaging vital organs and joints and causing any combination of symptoms.

Although GH is one of the most common conditions in Britain, our story is rare in the sense that Graham was diagnosed early. His only symptom at the time was extreme fatigue; I went to the pharmacy for various tonics containing iron and vitamin C.  And so I unknowingly began poisoning my husband – iron is toxic to someone with genetic haemochromatosis and in addition vitamin C increases the absorption of the iron.

It was later, whilst investigating an unrelated issue, that his iron levels were found to be high and he was diagnosed with GH.

We joined The Haemochromatosis Society and also the North West GH Support Group where we learnt so much.  Through these groups, we met far too many people that were diagnosed late – many with serious symptoms who have had to endure hip and knee replacements, liver transplants, insulin dependence, and so on.

All this made me realise how fortunate we had been that Graham had been diagnosed early, and made me determined to try to ensure that more people are diagnosed early too.  I began visiting local pharmacists, educating them on the danger of recommending these tonics without checking iron levels.

After visiting 50 Pharmacists I realised that this was not practical – I would never be able to reach every pharmacist alone.  I then approached the Local Pharmacy Committees who agreed to publish articles in their newsletters.

Meanwhile Graham was having weekly venesections (blood lettings) until his iron levels were reduced to a safe level. Also, as this is a genetic condition, Graham had to inform his close relatives so that they could be tested.

Since then our “Awareness Campaign” has snowballed.  I have joined the Committee of the North West Group and we are getting the message across to other healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists.  I’ve organised talks at Carers’ Centres and had articles published in health related magazines.

Graham is doing well. His venesections are now three monthly.  His siblings’ and children’s iron levels are at normal levels and they will be regularly monitored.  I hope and pray that in the future more people will have the positive outcome Graham has had.

By Suzy Makin

For more information on Hemochromatosis, please click here

February Kicks Off Our “Giving The Middle Finger To Hemochromatosis” Campaign

“Giving The Middle Finger To Hemochromatosis”

Iron Overload Disease has screwed over so many good people around the world. It’s taken lives and ruined futures and it causes so much chromic illnesses, and often without warning. 3 million with HH and 15 million carriers who can and do load iron in the USA alone. The disease poisons your organs and tissues by storing excess iron.  which can lead to liver failure, heart attacks, cirrhosis, Alzheimers, arthritis, and a host of cancers. Average diagnosis takes 10 years, 75 percent don’t feel symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial.


Joe Kurmaskie, the founder of will be joined all month by his favorite singers, actors, scientists, teachers  and more to help tell the most common deadly genetic disease in the world – orphaned, marginalized and ignored for two decades – where it can stick it! (disclaimer: these are public domain, unaltered meme style images of public figures, not to be mistaken for formal endorsements. That said, we think many of them would be hip to the cause, so if they want to get in touch… )

For anyone who might consider this  in any way offensive, just consider how offensive it is that simple blood tests to detect this disease were taken off the routine panels nationwide to save money… at the cost of countless lives!

Share these memes far and wide and sign our petition here. petition

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