Big Pharm EpiPen Gouging Nothing Compared To Decades Of Profits Made Burying Hemochromatosis: Sign Petition

Big Pharma Epi-pen Price Gouging Chump Change Compared To Profits Made Burying Hemochromatosis

Stem one disorder or make big profit treating all the illnesses downstream?


For decades  a profit driven medical system has sidelined the most common deadly treatable genetic disorder in the world, minimized its impacts, risks and hid the devastating consequences of hereditary hemochromatosis on death certificates… for one reason. There’s no money in treating HH.

Worse, since it’s the source code for so many other downstream illnesses, early detection and treatment would eliminate up to one fifth of the market treating resulting illnesses – ranging from cancers to liver failures, diabetes, arthritis, cirrhosis, Alzheimers, heart attacks and failures.

Too much money is at stake. Flawed and easily disputed research funded by the the pharm. industry was accepted by the medical community – setting policy for decades and proliferating myths and missing diagnosis after diagnosis to this day,

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Profits Over People


Fueled by Greed, Flawed Research, Outdated Information and Misdiagnosis, Profit Driven Medicine Left Millions With Hemochromatosis to Suffer and Die – Pocketing Billions Treating Dozens of Resulting Illnesses.

Medically speaking, Hereditary Hemochromatosis is no mystery, it’s a very simple disorder to understand, diagnose and treat.

A genetic mutation causes excess iron to store in organs and tissues.

When stored iron reaches toxic levels it causes disease, cancer, organ failures, chronic illnesses, death.

HH triggers up to 20 percent of dozens of cancers and chronic illnesses.

Stored iron is removed safely/inexpensively through phlebotomies (blood donation). A drug free treatment.

Early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment offers full life expectancy.

Simple, inexpensive iron panel tests, and a genetic test have been available for decades – yet not routine.


“ … most physicians have never personally diagnosed a case, but all will see an unrecognized case in their offices every two weeks.” -Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP Lead Scripps Researcher



Follow The Money

In 2016, a small fraction of hemochromatosis cases will be  diagnosed. With 15 million carriers, 3 million with double mutations approx. 75-80 percent remain unaware.

But who could blame the public or doctors when medical websites and doctor portals such as up-to-date have these numbers flipped? Assuring the public with completely backwards numbers and improperly educating doctors that 75 percent of HH cases are diagnosed by the time one reaches adulthood. (false) When confronted with these inaccuracies the administrators claim to be swamped and would look into updating and revising their information – the irony can not be lost, given the name of the doctor portal in question is up-to-date.

Until 1996, ferritin testing was on the standard executive blood panel run when getting a physical or in the emergency room. A cheap, wonderful diagnostic tool. Follow up and a simple genetic test offers 100% certainty of hemochromatosis mutations and monitoring keeps iron overload from taking hold.

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) own study concluded a 20 fold increase in detection of HH/iron overload if ferritin tests were again standard and routine.

Wrap yourself around those numbers. If 20,000 people are diagnosed annually, we’d see a bump to 400,000 new cases in the USA alone.

It’s painful to think how many lives could have been saved since 1996 if those tests had remained standard and routine. Who is to blame – Big Pharma teamed with the insurance industry to unbundle those tests – they are to blame! We should be advancing, not going backward in medical diagnosis, early treatment and preventative care. instead we went in reverse.


Development of a chelator drug treatment was attempted in the 1990s. Too many dangerous side effects caused it to be abandoned for commercial production. Why would a drug company pursue a commercial treatment for a disorder that according to their own funded studies causes a less than a 1 percent illness rate?

Also, Why take an active role in unbundling the diagnostic blood tests for HH from routine panels only AFTER commercial drug creation failed?

Fast forward to 2015. During an interview with a drug company entering clinical trials for a new ferritin reducing drug, the first attempt in decades, we asked; Why spend time and money developing a drug for a disorder that makes so few people ill?  Met with laughter. The medical officer of the company explained that early studies the entire medical system based its policies on were flawed. Worldwide studies done later put the rate of illness, conservatively, at 25-30 percent.


The Pharm. Industry is a multibillion dollar growth industry with 6 in 10 taking some form of daily medicine. There’s nothing anti-science or anti-medicine about questioning why more emphasis and funding isn’t placed on prevention, healthy lifestyles and seeking root causes/triggers of chronic and deadly illnesses.


To be clear, there is a vital role in medicine for developing lifesaving vaccines and drug therapies, but turning a blind eye to the overwhelming medical information that focusing on hemochromatosis will prevent significant percentage of resulting illnesses is criminal. It moves this beyond a medical question, to an ethical and moral one.

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  1. Totally agree with this article but I have an alternative idea! Has anyone tried reaching out to companies like Biomat USA and CSL Plasma and encouraging them to specifically offer free blood testing for hemochromatosis? It would be a win/win! They have plasma to sell and WE GET PAID to donate our blood!

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