Why “At Least It’s Not Cancer!” Devastates Hemochromatosis Awareness/Progress.

No, Hemochromatosis is not, in itself, cancer…  in many ways it’s far worse.

Why? Imagine 1.7 million people walking into an ambush with multiple enemies, coming from all sides, gunning for them.


Hemochromatosis is the trigger that allows iron to overload your organs and tissues, letting not one, but a host of cancers a shot at growing in organs loaded and compromised with toxic levels of iron.

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If that wasn’t enough, when a body overloads iron, it invites reinforcements to the ambush,  in case the cancer assassins can’t get the job done. Chronic and deadly illnesses including – cirrhosis, heart failure, heart attacks, liver failure, diabetes, impotence, arthritis and alzheimer’s.

Too often, doctors treat people with iron overload for the resulting illnesses, not the source that is causing it. 75 percent have no early symptoms, making a nationwide screening program imperative. The American Medical Association said screening would increase early diagnosis 20 fold, i.e. 20,000 would become 400,000 diagnosed in time.


“ … most physicians have never personally diagnosed a case: all see an unrecognized case in their offices every two weeks.” -Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP

“ … many are misdiagnosed as some other, more familiar condition which has the same initial appearance.” -David Baer, MD, FACP

The tragedy is that in 2015, the technology is in place, and simple, inexpensive blood tests exist to catch this, the most common, deadly genetic disorder in the world, but so many people suffer chronic illnesses and die without knowing they had a loaded gun to their head, that could have disarmed before it went off.


You, your friends and family do not have to suffer or die. Help ironitout.org drag this stealth killer into the light. We need to fund three action projects. National Screening Program, National Awareness Campaign, Nationwide HH blood Donation Program.

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