Charity Ride 2016

Carry The Weight: Annual 11692754_10206075691186325_7464400074528600817_nAwareness Campaign/Celebration Bicycle Ride.

Fundraising Goal: $125,000

Programs It Will Fund

1. HH National Awareness Campaign

2. Lobbying For A National Standard Screening Program

3. Campaign to increase Locations and Amount of HH Blood accepted for transfusion.images-3

25 Celebrity Riders will go head to head in a virtual race to a fundraising total ($5,000 each) on social media, then, in the physical world they will bike 52 pounds in red haimages-1zmat containers up to Timberline on Mt. Hood in Oregon.

The weight represents how much donatable, lifesaving HH blood per person gets thrown away annually. Millions of pounds of good blood is treated as biohazard material (costly disposal) instead of going inside veins and saving lives.

Donors pick rider(s) to support. When each cyclist reaches his/her fundraising goal, an awesome prize will be raffled off to that pool of donors.

A grand prize will be awarded to one lucky donor to any rider when all racers have crossed the fundraising finishline of $125,000.


The ride itself will celebrate the successful campaign and bring media attention and increased awareness of Hereditary Hemochromatosis.

Date: Summer 2016 TBA

Start: Welches, Oregon

Destination Timberline, Lodge Mt Hood, Oregon